Dog Obedience Committee and Rally-O Subcommittee Elections

Nominations for the following positions closed on 16 April 2019 and only one nominations was received for each.  Therefore those nominated are elected unopposed:

Dog Obedience Committee
Chairperson: Arend van den Bos (effective from 22 June after ACOD)
Northern Region Representative: Sue Howe
Central Region Representative: Karen Sadler
Southern Region Representative: Richard van den Bos (effective from 1 June)

Rally-O Subcommittee
Northern Region Representative: Gaye Stammers
Southern Region Representative: Jo Miller

Introduction of Dogs New Zealand Scentwork

Dogs New Zealand (under the Dog Obedience Committee umbrella) planned to introduce Scentwork trials starting in July 2019.  However the introduction of scentwork is being reviewed after concerns over the toxicity of some of the essential oils, including Clove Oil that had been proposed for the Novice level.

The Dog Obedience Committee still hopes to introduce scentwork in the near future with alternative oils.  Initially this will consist only of a Novice-level Container Search which can be run by clubs in conjunction with Obedience and Rally-O shows.  A successful search will result in the awarding of a Dogs NZ Scent Detection Certificate which will enable the dog and handler to enter a full Scentwork trial when these are introduced in the future.  There will continue to be discussions with Central Search Dogs and the Scent Sports Association of New Zealand (SSANZ) with the hope that there can be cross-recognition between the organisations.

Rules for the Dogs NZ Novice Container Search (Final July 2019)
Withdrawn while under review

Dogs NZ Scentwork Imprinting Guidelines
Withdrawn while under review


Click on the following link to download a PDF copy of the latest issue of the NZKC Dog Obedience Regulations.
Dog Obedience Regulations

Click on the following links to download either PDF copy of the  NZKC Obedience Entry Form or a Word version of the NZKC Obedience Entry form.
NZKC Obedience Entry Form (PDF Version)

NZKC Obedience Entry Form (Word Version)

Obedience Judges Association Survey Results 2014