February 2023 Discussion Items

The following items have been included in the February discussion round:


  • Item 1: Voting on regulations changes regarding judging matters
  • Item 2: Change of date/time of year for the NDTA
  • Item 3: Change to DTC Secretary regulation
  • Item 4: Addition of Treasurer regulation
  • Item 1: Allowing the use of coats in the Obedience ring
  • Item 2: Removing one of the heelwork exercises from Test A
  • Item 3: Awarding a Test C challenge for 3rd place if on 295 points or more
  • Item 1: Combining Excellent A and Excellent B into a single class
The discussion documents have beenemailed to thiose on the relavent voting registers but can also be access below:
February 2023 General Discussion Items

February 2023 Obedience Discussion Items

February 2023 Rally-O Discussion Items

October 2022 Voting Results

The results of the October voting round were as follows:


      Change to the composition of the Dog Training Committee: Pass (76.98%)
      Alternative Pathway for promotion from the Test B to the Test C Judging Panel: Fail (65.38%)
      Item 1: Remove the penalty for the dislodging the jump bar: Pass (76.92%)
      Item 2: Option for judge to omit the jump in Advanced and Excellent: Pass (76.92%)
      Item 3: Add a mandatory penalty for leaving or entering the ring without a lead: Pass (85.71%)
      Item 4: Deletion of Moving Down (sign 131) and replacement with Stop and Down: Fail (62.64%)
      Item 5: Encore Champion Titles: Pass (69.23%)
      Item 6: Encore Grand Champion Titles: Pass (68.13%)
      Item 7: Allow clubs to run more Encore classes if they wish: Pass (69.23%)
      Item 8: Changes to procedure for promotion from Excellent to Encore panel: Pass (85.52%)
      Item 9: Add Rally-O Rapid as optional class: Fail (51.65%)
      Item 10: Add Rally-O Rapid Awards: Fail (49.45%)
      Item 11: Change to eligibility for Novice B (requiring three Advanced qualifications before moving out of Novice B): Pass (70.33%)

October 2022 Voting Items

Below are the documents showing the detailed regulation changes for each of the October 2022 voting items.  Links to the Survey Monkey voting forms will be emailed to eligible voters by the region representatives.  Voting closes on 31 October.

Voting Items October 2022 - General (detail)

Voting Items October 2022 - Obedience (detail)

Voting Items October 2022 - Rally-O (detail)

February 2020 Discussion Items

February 2020 Discussion Items - General
February 2020 Discussion Items - Obedience
February 2020 Discussion Items - Rally-O

April 2019 Voting Items - Working Trials (detail)

Please use the Survey Monkey links provided by your Region Representative to place your votes:
For those unable to vote using Survey monkey you may use the following PDF voting forms and forward them to your region representative:
General Survey Monkey Voting form April 2019

Obedience Survey Monkey Voting form April 2019

Working Trials Survey Monkey Voting form April 2019

April 2018 Voting Round

April 2017 Voting Round Results

The results of the General and Rally-O April voting were as follows.  All items passed and the regulation changes will be effective from 1 July 2017:
Item 1: Change to two-thirds majority for all voting items

97.11% in favour: passed
Item 2: Removal of need for physical marked-up catalogue
92.49 % in favour: passed 
Item 3: Allowing recognised clubs to hold Rally-O ribbon trials instead of (or as well as) obedience ribbon trials
 87.86 % in favour: passed 
Item 1: New Advanced exercise – Forward around pole
 92.05 % in favour: passed 
Item 2: Amendment to Advanced exercise “Halt – Stand”
92.05 % in favour: passed